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a new approach

easy to Volunteer

Using a web browser on any device, people sign in and volunteer to carry out their duties with a single click.

easy to Manage

The whole process is managed via a simple interface through your web browser. A range of access levels allows users to manage different aspects of the process as required.

See how easy it is to use

In this short video you can see how easy it is for a user to sign in and volunteer for duties in your rota.

Note: The video has sound.


Users can be given any of the following access levels


Sign in and simply click on the slot you will do.

Or remove yourself from those you cannot do with just one click.

Most users will be Volunteers.


To make sure all gaps are filled, some users can have the ability to asign or remove volunteers.

Normally you will give just one or two users these rights.


Editors create, edit, or delete the dates when volunteers are needed, put in any other details, and specify which duties are needed for each date.

Normally you will give just one or two users these rights.

Site Admin

Site Admin users manage all your site users, and specify for which duties each user can volunteer.

Normally you will have just one or two people to oversee the site.

try it Now

Our demo site allows you to see it and try it for real

Sign in as each type of user and see it in action

Managing your online rota

This video shows you easy it is to manage your rotas, including the various super-user roles.

Note: The video has sound.

First hand experience in a village parish

This system was first built for, and introduced into, a rural parish in Hampshire in December 2017! Previously the parish has produced several rotas, typically for a year ahead, for various duties eg flowers, cleaning etc; in addition to those, a monthly rota was produced for the services ahead.

As you might expect, changing to an online volunteering system was met with a varied response.

Firstly some rotas are still produced by one individual for a year ahead and then circulated amongst the team; this can continue, or it can easily be added into the online system at any time in the future.

For the rotas that are online, a number of parishioners are very enthusiastic and use the system regularly. Others are not IT literate and will not, or cannot, use it. And in between are a number of others with a range of views; for example, one felt that they would rather not volunteer but wished to be "invited" to undertake duties, and others are happy to use it but need reminding.

So the system has been designed to cover all these eventualities. Those who wish to use it can sign in, and quickly and easily volunteer themselves for some weeks ahead. Then, typically once or twice a month, the coordinator signs in and allocates various people against the empty slots. The schedule for the forthcoming month is then copied and pasted into Excel or Word, and sent round as a pdf by email (or in hard copy for those who have no email), along with a prompt to remember to sign in and volunteer for the next few weeks. (Note: automated pdf production from the site is in the development plan.)

Additionally the rector signs in and creates the services details, including specifying which duties are needed for particular services.

Overall it works well and reduces the number of swaps needed as more and more volunteer for dates they know they can make. It also helps avoid human error since the computer can only let you allocate people into the duties they fulfil. Plus, of course, the system is always online to look up forthcoming services and duties.

what Users say

Thanks for this - what a brilliant idea! I have no doubt that St XXX - where I used to be Churchwarden - would be very interested in this. How can I put them in touch with you? 

John L


your Satisfaction

You pay nothing up front. We do all the work and get you up and running, including training by phone, and you then 'play' for a week or so. Only then if you are completely happy we ask you to pay.

After that you are under no contract or obligation - you can stop at any time without penalty.

set up
£125 one-off

As it takes us some work to get it started, we ask you to pay a set up fee once it is all live.

The fee includes one rota and the first month. For many churches one rota is all that is needed.

Additional rotas are £25 each.

£12.50 per month

In order to cover costs such as hosting, oversight and further development, and just so you know we are here to help if you have problems, we ask for a monthly payment by standing order.

For sites with more than 2 rotas the ongoing amount is £20 per month.

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